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Jen Mentesana Entreprenuership

Passion and Purpose Meet and Greet - Monthly Meeting

Passion and Purpose Meet and Greet - Monthly Meeting

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Each month on the 3rd Thursday of the month, Jen Mentesana hosts a meet in greet in her home or a member's place of business.  These meetings are an opportunity to connect with other like-minded business women, get support on ideas, and be inspired!  This is unlike any other networking opportunity as the topics and purpose is all about focusing on becoming the best version of yourself for your business and/or life, and overcoming fears and obstacles that are holding you back from living your dreams! We will support one another and give each other tools and tips for growth, opportunity and success! No matter where you are in your journey of entrepreneurship or if you don't have a business but just want to be more purposeful and successful in your daily life, this group is for you!

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