About Jen Mentesana Entreprenuership

Jen Mentesana Entreprenuership is a program to help you find what it is you want to do, live in purpose and create the life of your dreams.  Whether you are currently a stay at home mom, ready to find more purpose in your life, a working mom or businesswoman in a career that you no longer care about or have passion for, or simply someone who is ready to take on the next chapterter in life, Jen Mentesana is the right person for you at the right time!

Jen Mentesana is an Entrepenuer and Certified Professional Coach who specializes in helping other women find their passion and purpose and turn it into a life they only dreamed about.  Jen went to college in Missouri to study Broadcast Communications in the hopes that she would one-day become a Broadcast Entertainment Anchor.  Two years into college, and after her parents divorce, she no longer had the means to pay bills or pursue her dreams.  She worked in restaurants and bars until she graduated and then went for the first job in broadcast that would make her the most amount of money.. fast!  She gave up her dream to be a Network Anchor and pursued a career in Broadcast Media Sales.  So went the journey for 12 years of financial stability but personal and professional misery.  After getting married in 2007 and quitting her career in the media industry 2 years later to focus on starting a family (after a 2 year infertility journey) Jen found the Coaching Industry.  During her training and Coach Certification, Jen got pregnant with her first son!  She coached clients in her home office while her newborn son slept.  When he was just a year old, her husband got let go from his media sales job and they launched a restaruant business in Redondo Beach, California.  After 12 years, countless ups and downs, restaurant openings, closings, catering events, spinoffs and product launches, Jen is now taking all of her combined experiences in sales, marketing, media, entreprenuership, business and coaching to help you find what it is you love to do, and create a life of passion and purpose! 

Jen undesrtands the journey it takes to find your passion and live in your purpose! She wants to guide and inspire you to begin that journey so you can live the life you are destined to live!!  It's tough navigating the path to entreprenuership but together we are unstoppable! 

If you are interested in connecting with Jen and just exploring, please reach out!  Jen would love to connect with you and help you open the door to the life you deserve! 

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